Simply Possible

Be direct, look

Open this book of endless possibilities

Of you and me.


Gaze, make me fall into your smile

I’ll watch closely as your expressions change,

Knowing there’s impact there


Feel me out,

Get to know my kicks and ticks

Challenge my imperfections


Get close enough to view my reflection,

From the mirror in the background.


I will reach out for you.

We’ll discover, together

All things new and thrilling

Always on the look-out for the next thing, fulfilling


Until there’s nothing more to see.

I understand.


It’ll soon fade and we’ll be fine,

Knowing we simply shared some,

Of each other’s time.



Putting you into words 
would be like trying to define a colour exactly.
You differ with shade and shadow, 
Narrowed as I searched.

Arrowed I cannot pin-point you 
Although reminded of quite a few, 
Such burdens upon a heart's view 
Of this fine world given.

We are struck, 
caught and stricken 
In this I am left sicken,      
sickening cascading defeat

In definition I cannot,               
You've taken all in just one shot.  

A brief moment so slick and skilled,
That is how you struck and killed.
Killed my state of mind.

But fret not for it was kind,               
I am now set to experience freely

this is the opening of a new me.