21 blog posts series know nineteen

21 blog posts series know nineteen

Nineteen: “Expecting the unexpected”

Now not to steal a line from the RSA, but not only does driving involve expecting the unexpected, in life we should remind ourselves to try and maintain that same mentality. We don’t know what might happen tomorrow or next month and so on, the unexpected is never too far away. Does that mean that we live in fear and refuse to go outside the door? I’d like to hope not. The unexpected occurrence doesn’t necessarily have to be negative, but for the most part – it can mean something that’ll change your lifestyle or how things were before this vital change of events.

Whatever your opinion is on fate or things happening for a reason, it’s impossible really to have complete control over what is going to happen in our lives. Not to scare the control freaks out there, but this is very true. You don’t know who you might meet, what you might see and what could stay with you in the form of a lasting memory or something having a lasting affect. I think these things often can give us an opportunity to reflect as well, which shouldn’t be knocked as I’ve said before somewhere.. (https://cathyinconversation.wordpress.com/2017/03/21/the-first-of-21-blog-posts/).

What I can say is that life is going to shock you and leave you feeling a little insecure at times. But often, it’s a form of a test, if you want to look at it that way. Can you overcome a challenge, big or small or will you crumble in defeat before it? I think both reactions are respectable and understandable and it’s about having the support around you when these things happen in order to tackle the challenge knowing that you’re not alone. I don’t think that life waits for anyone and it’s up to us to keep up and keep going, constantly.

The unexpected things also teach us not to take things for granted in terms of the way they are simply. This is true of people as well. When someone falls ill unexpectedly, it’s really up to those close by to pick up the pieces and really play their role in the time of need. When someone of any age falls ill mentally, physically or even discovers a disease or disability – this presents a new changing challenge for the person and those around them. It means we all pull our weight a bit more to help and that we get on with it, living in hope that together it can something to overcome.

I think that this brings about something that’s universally understood: that this sort of unfairness that happens to people can happen to anyone. This challenges your sense of humanity and I think that’s when your humanity is challenged, in terms of whether you help or whether you turn your back to the reality someone else is facing, this is the real test of who you are. Our impressions of how people react to these situations also helps us to understand people at their core, individually. We don’t know how we’ll be in that sort of situation until we face it head on. I know it’s not something we desire to be in, but the reality is that we will have to face it in some shape or form.

These challenges change us and shape us and although often difficult, they should be embraced in some way, I suppose even in a process of reflection. I would recommend, holding on to your values as much as possible throughout these times. Whether it’s a loss or a gain you encounter, you must prove to yourself that one incident isn’t going to change who you are and what you value forever. Possibly easier said than done, but over time can be something to accept.

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The first of 21 blog posts

The first of 21 blog posts

Welcome back to the blog as it should be.

I welcome you back to a brand new series, of something never seen before on this blog. I see blogging as something personal that you’re presenting on a bigger platform. That being said, on reflection of my two year old blog (yes, a whole two years!) I’ve come to the conclusion that it maybe it wasn’t as personal as it perhaps could have been.

So I’ve decided to change that. For the next 21 days at 21hrs nightly – starting today on the 21st of March – I’m going to blog about 21 things I’ve learned since turning 21 (that being November of last year, if anyone is wondering about that).

I’ve chosen various topics from the personal to the ambiguous but throughout I hope to give some insight to my own learning of each topic from personal experience. Just to give you a taste these will vary from: appreciating history, learning from mentors, social media, money management, travel, politics and really, really much more.

I hope some of these topics will peak your interest and so I start with the first one, where else?

One: “The importance of being reflective”

I think that one of the most important skills we can learn and even teach ourselves is that of being reflective. This being: reflective of ourselves, our actions, faults and achievements. This can be both a positive and negative thing, as it takes you to different highs and lows that have occurred in your life. But I hope that through this process, sometimes challenging, we can find something incredibly new altogether.

This year in my journalism course, each student has to take part in in individual “reflective process” after completing each segment of the course. While I’ve been on work placement for the majority of the year, in the office we always had a bit of laugh that I had to go home and reflect for my college course or my day’s work.

But really, after thinking about it like this, it’s something so important to do.

If we didn’t reflect on our studies, I don’t think that we’d get as much out of what we’ve been taught. Education is something we dedicated a chunk of our lives to as well as our overall income, don’t we want to get the most out of it as possible?

Being reflective is something that is very personal and I suppose it comes to into the idea of giving a bit of self-love. I really think we are our own biggest critics, whether that’s something good or bad, I leave entirely up to you. If we reflect on our actions, we can pinpoint what we didn’t like and even train ourselves to be better the next time.

We don’t know for sure why things happen to us in life exactly as they do and I think in being reflective we can in some way help overcome that challenge. Putting things into perspective in a reflective way to me is like a calming process, an essential cleanse.

Life is full of decisions and that seems to be something never ending. In being reflective, going back on your past decisions and deciphering what was good for you or what wasn’t at all for you, can make a huge difference to taking on a decision you face.

I guess life is all about understanding yourself, to then go on and get on in the world you’re surrounded with. Being reflective is a key tool to doing this.

So in reflection: I want to challenge myself and give something back to this blog, the time and care it deserves. I look forward to sharing these twenty-one lessons with you.

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Simply Possible

Be direct, look

Open this book of endless possibilities

Of you and me.


Gaze, make me fall into your smile

I’ll watch closely as your expressions change,

Knowing there’s impact there


Feel me out,

Get to know my kicks and ticks

Challenge my imperfections


Get close enough to view my reflection,

From the mirror in the background.


I will reach out for you.

We’ll discover, together

All things new and thrilling

Always on the look-out for the next thing, fulfilling


Until there’s nothing more to see.

I understand.


It’ll soon fade and we’ll be fine,

Knowing we simply shared some,

Of each other’s time.