Three: “Attend the events that mean something to you”

Tickets went on sale today for the highly anticipated Electric Picnic 2017. I’m sure we all knew about this due to the huge presence of social media in our lives, seeing live the backlash via the online polls, radio hotlines and live tweets taking over.

I understand totally the upset of the people due to the secret line up only announced once tickets were already sold out. A little bit unfair to say the least. In some ways I feel people buy tickets to these big gigs just to rave on about going for the next few months in attempt at bettering their peers for winning this ticket war. But that’s just an opinion.

My friend and I had a different idea to tackle this by signing up via the volunteering route in order to catch the festival, but that’s neither here nor there.

In summer of last year, I think it was that Electric Picnic was recorded for TV for the catch up services. I watched it back with a slightly tear stained face looking at what I was missing out on. The whole FOMO excuse we use to do the radical act of spending, I totally get. Honestly thinking back, there is really nothing worse than sitting home knowing something is happening without you being there.

On that note I’ve come to realise that we should always try our fullest to attend these events that mean something to us. Whether it be a concert, a sporting game or comedy gig – whatever. If it’s something that you feel you need to be at, don’t delay yourself in foolishness like going through the pro’s and con’s list or wait for your friend to reply to the excited message.

You’re really not doing any harm buying a ticket first and foremost. Sure, circumstances at the time can be different but often worked around for the sake of a great time. Sometimes it’s more important to have a good story to tell about something reckless you did than to tell the sensible story of how you sat home and saved your money.

These events like games or gigs, they’re special. They don’t happen close to us every day and sometimes sacrifices need to be made in order to satisfy that craving we have – with no guilt felt whatsoever.

In these situations, sometimes you have to put yourself first. If you really love the team or artist, if you’re a really big fan and you know you’ll enjoy it – you simply have to try your best to get there.

(Unless we’re talking about Ed Sheeran, that’s a little bit tougher I admit).

I’ll give you an example. A few Christmases ago, I knew my father wanted a ticket to see Joe Jackson play in Dublin. What I didn’t know was that tickets would sell out crazy fast and there would only be one left (legit one ticket) when I went to buy.

So what did we decide? Screw the concert and wait for another opportunity for him/his band to play again? No.

My dad attended, alone – and ended up having an amazing time just being there appreciating the music with fellow fans around him.

Some may see that as a brave thing to do but I see it as totally understandable. Really, nothing should stop you from being in those incredible situations that you’ll always remember and enjoy thinking back on.

Never be ashamed about the teams or artists you admire and if they’re playing – go see them – I really don’t think it’s something you could possible regret. And, sure isn’t that all what being a fan is about?

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