You know, by now I thought you’d be found out 

Shout, scream, whisper and pout.

You may have left there physically but you’ll never have changed

Always always, this game again
Are you not tired, are you not weak?

Searching and searching for what you seek.

Drink the liquid, shallow what’s due

I don’t listen when they say I remind them of you.

You were my giver, my guide

From you I thought I would never hide

Any piece of me, far or wide

Any piece of me from deep inside.

I would ask why you seem to search that container, that glass, that metal

When I was younger I was your petal.

But now I see you for what you are,

How could you let it go on this far?

Aren’t you of age and supposed sense? 

I’m sick of this constant suspense 

It’s time for conscience and real thoughts, ones not laced with slurs or muffled.

Maybe it’s true, you’re lost

But at what cost?


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